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Will Firecracker work for me?
Will Firecracker work for me?

Who are Firecracker's members?

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Yes! Firecracker is designed to maximize long-term retention for all learning styles. Everything we do at Firecracker is based on proven science, and we continually validate and improve depending on the performance of our members. We know Firecracker works is because our members are scoring off the charts, and giving Firecracker a lot of credit for their success. There is no obligation for signing up for a free trial of Firecracker; you will get full access to all of our features, content and questions for 7 days free here:

Since 2009, over 300,000 medical students have signed up for Firecracker, completing about 300,000,000 total direct recall (flashcard-style) questions in our platform. Our membership is currently averaging a score of 245 on USMLE Step 1. In addition to medical students, our membership consists of international medical graduates, premeds, podiatry students, PA students, residents, dentistry students, optometry students, and others in the healthcare field. 

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