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How can I see all of the FAQs, video tutorials, and what is the Help Center?
How can I use Firecracker for Step 3 preparation?
Which features are exclusive to the Firecracker mobile app?
Where can I find formative quizzes?
Is Firecracker self-directed learning?
How can Firecracker help faculty members to identify and remediate at-risk students?
Can I re-do case questions for a second pass?
How can I see and print all of my Notes?
Does my study plan reflect the test I'm preparing for? What happens when I change my test setting?
How can I access the LWW Health Library citations?
Is there a Firecracker for PA students?
Why can't I save my notes?
Why am I no longer receiving a daily patient case?
Why is Firecracker freezing?
How do I set a payment preference to receive referral rewards?
How do I get paid for my referral sent?
I don't see my referral. What happened, and where can I find it?
How can I track my referrals?
Can I highlight Firecracker's content?
How does the Firecracker referral program work?
How can I refer friends to Firecracker?
Will Firecracker work for me?
Who writes Firecracker's content?
Where can I find my purchase invoice?
When does my subscription expire? Can I extend my time?
Where can I find USMLE-style and Exam Simulations?
What's the difference between the recall questions and the patient case questions? Are both of these questions integrated with the flashcards?
What material is included in Firecracker?
What is the advantage of using Firecracker alongside programs like UWorld, First Aid, Pathoma, USMLE Rx, Kaplan, etc.?
What is the "Tell us how you're doing" Icon at the bottom of the website and mobile app?
What is included in the free trial?
What are the main benefits of using Firecracker?
What else do I need to buy to study for the USMLE Step 1? What would you recommend?
What do I do with the "Allow this website to use space on your disk" message?
What can I do if I'm having trouble logging in?
What are recall questions? What is the recall score?
Is Firecracker for IMGs or FMGs?
Is it too late to start using Firecracker? What if I am done with M1?
If I subscribe to Firecracker for one week, and then want to renew, will all my progress be saved?
If I only sign-up for the free trial subscription, will I get full access to your program and all the content?
If I buy time during my free trial, do I still get all the free trial time?
I'm feeling overwhelmed by the number of questions I get every day. What can I do?
I am an administrator interested in Firecracker. Can I get special access?
How to I know what to catch up on? How can I review forgotten material?
How much time does it take to master all of Firecracker?
How many questions do you guys have?
How many hours should I use Firecracker every day?
How is Today's Quiz generated? How are the questions chosen?
How is Firecracker different from question banks? How do I know if those questions accurately reflect the material seen on USMLE Step 1?
How do I submit feedback?
How do I start Firecracker? What do I have to do?
How do I start a quiz?
How do I reset my password? How do I log in?
How do I remove the Zombie Preparedness section?
How do I link my Firecracker account with my school?
How do I make the most of Firecracker quizzes?
How do I Invite friends?
How do I get USMLE Step 2 CK material?
How do I mark topics? What happens when I un-mark a topic?
How do I find topic flashcards? Which topics should I mark for review?
How do I find Firecracker's USMLE Step 3 Content?
How do I change my time zone?
How do I access Firecracker mobile? Is this available as a native mobile app?
How can I narrow down my quizzes for in-class exams through Firecracker?
How can I reset my entire Firecracker account and start again from scratch?
How can I learn more about Firecracker's promotions?
How can I get my school's promotional group discount?
How can I apply to work for Firecracker?
Do you have keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys?
Do you offer a free trial?
How and where can I submit feature requests?
Can I use Firecracker to prepare for my Shelf Exams?
Can I use Firecracker for Osteopathic medicine (DO school) and to prepare for the COMLEX?
Can I review questions by recall rating?
Can I mark or un-mark multiple or all topics at once?
Can I download a Firecracker app?
Can I delete my profile? Will I be charged after my free trial month?
Can I delay my subscription's start date, or put my subscription on hold?
Are any promotional discounted deals available?
What’s so special about Firecracker's technology?
How does Firecracker help me get the most out of my study time, courses, books, and test prep efforts?
How does Firecracker help me apply what I know quickly and accurately on the actual exam?
How does Firecracker help me learn better and faster?