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Can I re-do case questions for a second pass?
Can I re-do case questions for a second pass?

How can I re-review board-style case practice questions in Firecracker that I had already previously completed?

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You can re-do case-style questions that you'd done before, whether you had initially completed those questions in a timed exam, via the Daily Patient Case functionality, and/or in an untimed longer case session. Here is a video tutorial that walks through the pro-tips for how to find and re-do case questions in Firecracker: 

If you are a tutor or learning specialist, then we'd recommend familiarizing yourself with these re-reviewing skills. Students may want to show you a specific question to re-do, and given these pro-tips, you can help them to identify and then take another attempt at Firecracker's all-originally authored cases.

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