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How do I get paid for my referral sent?
How do I get paid for my referral sent?

When and how do I earn a reward for sending invitations for new friends to join Firecracker?

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To provide time for internal reconciliation, we typically make payouts one month following the referred user’s subscription. We issue payments in two ways:

1. Visa e-cards that are delivered to the same address used in the Ambassador/Firecracker program. These gift cards work like credit cards, they have unique 16 digit numbers that you can use to buy things online.

2. Into a Dwolla account. Dwolla is an online banking system, customers (like you) set up an account to receive money from a business (like us). You can connect Dwolla to your bank account and directly transfer funds from Dwolla to your account. To set up a Dwolla account, start here: You must set up your Dwolla account before you set it as your payment method in your Ambassador account.

Gift cards require no set up, but Dwolla accounts provide more flexibility. The choice is yours - but we do need you to specify a payment method in your Ambassador account before we send you funds. 

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