Although we don't yet have a way to set a "maximum" number of daily recommended questions to-do, your number of recommended questions are directly proportional to the topics that you mark for review. We would recommend keeping no more than 10-15 topics marked as "Urgent" at any given time to keep your recommendations manageable.

Switching to "High Yield Mode", which you can do via the Account And Settings page, will decrease the total number of topics and questions by almost half. For more information on High Yield Mode, you can check out this video demonstration:

Normally, we do not recommend un-marking topics that you've learned. However, if you un-mark topics, then you'll no longer receive recommended questions to-do that are associated with those topics. Here is a quick guide we wrote up about what to do if you can't consistently complete your recommended daily Review tasks: (of course, feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected] as well for more advice or resources).

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