Even though Firecracker contains thousands of flashcard-like and exam style questions, Firecracker is so much more than a mere question bank. Doing questions is one of the most proven ways to learn fast, yes, and doing the right types of questions at the right time is just as critical. Our questions are all originally authored by a world-class team of MDs, PhDs, residents and attendings who have averaged in the 95th percentile on their board exams in recent years. We edit our questions every day for accuracy, clarity, and similarity to the actual questions that will be tested on major exams including USMLE and COMLEX. Firecracker's questions will not overlap with any other question banks, and many of our members use other resources such as UWorld to supplement the questions we provide.

Firecracker's content covers more material in greater depth than top review sources such as First Aid. Review sources like First Aid often miss key topics test makers like the National Board of Medical Examiners recommend. Firecracker also automatically embeds a recommended remediation (Refresh) exercise following each completed case question or exam.

Firecracker is a study companion that helps you master what you're learning, keep track of what you know and what you don't, and review key concepts until they get embedded into your long-term memory. This program’s adaptive algorithm will prompt you to review the material you are most likely to forget, on the day you are most likely to forget it!

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