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How do I make the most of Firecracker quizzes?
How do I make the most of Firecracker quizzes?

What tips are recommended for making use of flashcard-style questions?

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When you study something in class, an online lecture or in a textbook, find, review, and mark the corresponding topic(s) as "Current" and/or "Urgent". We recommend starting by reviewing and marking topics that have proven historically troublesome for you. Be honest on each quiz regarding how well you remember the material. Firecracker's adaptive learning algorithm will then create a custom review plan that targets your weaknesses, makes sure you retain your strengths, and dynamically changes according to your progress.

As you learn new material, repeat the process of finding, reviewing and flagging the corresponding topics in Firecracker. We recommend using Firecracker as a review resource alongside your medical school coursework, lectures, labs, and textbooks.

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