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Can I use Firecracker to prepare for my Shelf Exams?
Can I use Firecracker to prepare for my Shelf Exams?

Does Firecracker have practice Shelf exams? How about content to parallel my clinical rotations?

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Yes you can! Our medical program covers everything the National Board of Medical Examiners recommends students know for the USMLEs and Shelf examinations.

We offer timed board-style and Shelf-style practice exams on the Take an Exam page, which you can learn more about here:

We also offer content geared to mirror what you'll learn during your Clinical Clerkships, in tidy sections that you can access via the dropdown menu in the upper-left of our Study Something Specific page. If the hospital's Internet connectivity is spotty, then definitely download our Firecracker Daily Review mobile app (it's free, and works well offline). Here are the direct links to each of our standalone Clerkship companion products:

Emergency Medicine Clerkship:
Family Medicine Clerkship:
Internal Medicine Clerkship:
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship:
Pediatrics Clerkship:
Psychiatry Clerkship:
Surgery Clerkship:

You can find our 100-question timed Shelf-style practice exams on the Take an Exam page as well:

We have some student-authored study strategies written up on our blog that some of our high-performing Firecracker members have employed successfully in the past as well. Here's one I think you may find helpful:

The Firecracker PA product includes not only a PANCE-style practice exam, but also End of Rotation (EOR) practice exams for Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and Women’s Health.

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