During dedicated test prep in Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO, we'll give you a mastery scorecard that will model your clinical vignette performance broken down by subject, with comparative performance metrics from our valued membership, including a grey margin of error bar to estimate our confidence. We'll provide increasingly accurate performance metrics as you complete more questions.

For each each subject, we represent your estimated knowledge with this dot and horizontal margin of error bar. The dot is our point estimate of your knowledge of a given subject. The width of the error bar is the 95% confidence interval of our estimate.

On the mastery scorecard, we'll also show you a red, yellow, or green bar to the left of each subject name that indicates in general how your clinical vignette performance compares to your peers for each discipline in medicine. Green indicates that you are above the mean (greater than 0). Red indicates that you are below the mean (less than 0). Yellow indicates that the margin of error is simply too great right now to accurately estimate your mastery. We recommend you hammer reviews on the red subjects to turn any weaknesses into strengths.

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