When you’re in the home stretch before your major board exam, Firecracker will ask if you’re ready to turn up the heat and activate Dedicated Test Prep mode. We’ll ask for your specific board exam date, and allow you to update your goal score. To benchmark your comprehension in all of the disciplines of medicine, we recommend you take a one-block untimed diagnostic exam right away.

Dedicated Test Prep Mode entails weekly diagnostic exams to benchmark your progress, as well as a mastery scorecard that will show you your clinical vignette performance broken down by subject, with comparative performance metrics from our valued membership, including a margin of error bar to estimate our confidence. We'll give you increasingly accurate performance metrics as you complete more questions.

Lastly, in Dedicated Test Prep Mode, you can pin specific subjects and topics for review directly to your Today's To-Do's dashboard for quick review. Add a subject by hitting the blue plus-sign button, and do clinical vignettes specific to that subject. The "Subject" task on your Today's To-Do's page will expand out an option to add individual topics for review as well. You can hit the blue "Refresh weak areas" button to build a review quiz composed of topics with which you've experienced historical difficulty. Just hit "Add To-Do" to pin a topic to your dashboard for quick review (you can then click the topic name to review that topic, and hit the blue "Do Questions" bubble to do direct recall questions specific to that topic.

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