Reference page numbers provided on Firecrackers topic pages will help you to find the subjects covered in review books including Pathoma and First Aid 2018, so you can use multiple resources concurrently. Firecracker will help you get the most out of any and all of your resources by helping you identify and retain the material you will need to know for your standardized exams, and also because it will save you from having to relearn things you would otherwise forget. In fact, recent research shows that benefits of online spaced education persist for two years.

For instance, after learning something in class, a review course, a book, etc., our members review relevant sections of our content, take a quiz on the material to see how well they know it, and then follow a personal study plan to make sure they remember and build upon their knowledge over time. Since our content is based on what the exam makers will test, this process makes sure they identify, master, and retain the high-yield information they will need for their standardized exams.

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