Study Plan Creation: On day one, we'll start you off by creating a study plan that is specific to you, covering everything you need to learn from your first day in the product, all the way up until your board exam. That study plan takes into account your starting knowledge, current courses, past courses, board exam test date, and goal board exam score. It then assigns you daily and weekly tasks depending on your weak areas and greatest immediate need.

Prioritization System: Prioritizing content as “Urgent”, “Past” and “Current” material allows our Recommendation Engine to ensure you are reviewing content that is most important to you at a given time. “Urgent” content should be used only when a topic needs to become an obsession that very same week. As such, we recommend you change the priority back to Current or Past as soon as you’re confident in the material. You should mark courses you are currently taking as “Current” and those you have taken before as “Past”

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