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How does Firecracker recommend questions for me?
How does Firecracker recommend questions for me?
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For every concept you’ve studied in Firecracker, we estimate the risk that you’ll be unable to recall that concept if we quizzed you on it right now. This risk increases over time. Keeping track of the thousands of pieces of information you need to know, how well you know them, and when you’re at high risk for forgetting them is a task that’s both necessary and extremely time consuming for medical students. Juggling all these concepts becomes nearly impossible when you consider that some concepts are rapidly forgotten while others can stay in memory for years makes.

So how does Firecracker solve this problem?

Firecracker uses proven learning principles and an algorithm that has been trained over the past 9 years by over 300,000 med students who have completed over 300M quizzes in our app. Our algorithm keeps track of everything you know - it knows what you know better than you do! We use our algorithm to keep you on top of what you’ve learned by always prioritizing the concepts that you’re at the highest risk of forgetting in our recommendations. If you fall behind you’ll have a few more high risk concepts to study but if you get ahead you’ll have fewer. Our algorithm takes care of when and what you need to study by adapting to your performance.

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