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Is Firecracker available offline?
Is Firecracker available offline?
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Yes! The Firecracker Daily Review mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is functional offline. The one caveat is you should be online to retrieve your assignment for the day. We recommend logging in for the first time any given day while you're connected to a working Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet access point, which will allow Firecracker to pull your recommended questions to-do for the day. Once you've done so, the app will function offline (even in airplane mode), allowing you to complete those assignments. Keep in mind that while you can do all of your assignments offline, you may not be able to freely browse all content in the Study Something Specific page if you have Airplane Mode activated. You can download the Firecracker Daily Review app free to your mobile device(s) from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

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