Steps for Firecracker members who would like to access the LWW Health Library while they are off-campus (outside of their school network IP range): 

1) If you have not done so already. While at work or within your network's IP range, go to and set up a free personal account on the Health Library (make sure to login to your free personal account too). Once you’ve done that…

2) From within Firecracker, you would click the Health Library remediation link (via the gray "C" icon to the right of concepts in Firecracker) and if not within your IP, the first time, you would be hit with a non-authenticated user screen where you would login using your personal account credentials from the Health Library. For the remainder of the 90-days, you should pass through automatically.

3) Every time you access the Health Library from within their IP and login, that 90-day token refreshes.

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