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Which features are exclusive to the Firecracker mobile app?
Which features are exclusive to the Firecracker mobile app?

How can I learn more about mobile app functionalities such as Night Mode, Read to Me, sharing my Daily Patient Case, and offline access?

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Firecracker mobile app exclusive functionalities (these features are not available in the web-based version of Firecracker):

1. Night Mode: Tapping the hamburger icon in the upper-left reveals our menu, which includes a toggle called Night Mode. The Night Mode functionality updates your Firecracker mobile app’s user interface to be easier on the eyes during those late-night study sessions. The tasks and content review are typically in a white background with black text, but we’ll invert that color scheme for Night Mode. While this isn’t currently a feature available for our website, you can check out the free desktop app “F.lux” which will help you to adjust screen brightness on your computer to reduce eye strain. 

2. Read to Me: The Firecracker mobile app’s “Read to Me” functionality gives you the ability to do questions with the app’s voice reading aloud to you. To take your quizzes, the interface doesn’t change, but you can listen instead of reading through each question. This is a particularly popular feature for students who like to study while working out (for example, on a treadmill or elliptical). 

3. Offline Access: We recommend logging in for the first time any given day while you're connected to a working Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet access point, which will allow Firecracker to retrieve your recommended tasks to-do for the day. Once you've done so, the app will function offline (even in airplane mode), allowing you to complete those assignments. Note: full functionality of the mobile app (eg. Study Something Specific browsing) is not available once you’re in airplane mode. 

4. Sharing Daily Patient Case: After you’ve answered your Daily Patient Case question within the mobile app, you can hit the “Share” button to send the case question and its answer options to your peers. The streak tracking is one way to compare your performance with Firecracker members around the world, and if you’re sharing the cases that you do each day, then you can make a study buddy for life!

5. Record Logs: The "Record Logs" feature is available via the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper-left of the app interface. When you toggle that "Record Logs" button, we will keep track of all activity (API requests and responses) within the Firecracker mobile app, so that if you tap the "Record Logs" text (not the toggle), then it will allow those logs to be sent for us for troubleshooting.

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