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Why can't I save my notes?
Why can't I save my notes?

When creating highlights or notes in Firecracker, I can't hit the Save or Save and Close button. What's blocking me from saving annotations?

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Firecracker's user-generated Notes and highlighting functionalities are limited to strictly standard characters. If you apply the annotator by clicking and dragging your cursor over a special character (such as alpha, beta, bullet points, characters in other languages, or rich text) then your annotation will not save. Similarly, if you attempt to save a note containing special characters such as the ones listed above, then your Note will not save. 

If you are copying a block of text and attempting to paste it into your user-generated Notes, then we'd recommend first pasting the text into a notepad to remove any formatting. Pasting plain text into Firecracker Notes will work well, but pasting formatted text may not save due to formatting limitations of our Notes functionality.

We are investigating how to support more special characters, but at present, the annotations (highlights and notes) can be applied to standard alphanumeric characters only. 

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