1. If someone copied us pixel for pixel and question for question, they still wouldn’t have our secret sauce -- our adaptive learning algorithm and the hundreds of millions of data points it’s based on. It’s so secret we’ve decided we don’t want to file a patent on it (we’d rather keep it locked up so only our members can take advantage of it). The reason why this matters is this: no matter what physician-in-training stage you’re in -- or how high you want to aim as far as test scores -- you’ll still need to master thousands of facts and know how to integrate your knowledge so you can answer the 2-, 3- and sometimes 4-order questions you’ll see on standardized exams like the USMLE. So no matter who you are or want to become, time is the enemy and Firecracker is your best comrade in arms. Use the time you save to study more or go see Kung Fu Panda 3 (we won’t judge you, and Master Wu Gui will be very proud).
  2. If people claim to have a great adaptive learning algorithm, ask them how many data points they are basing their algorithm on. If it’s more than 149,000,000+, we will give you a full refund. Well, I won’t, somebody else will. People do about 8 million questions a month in Firecracker (and growing fast). JV or Varsity? Exactly.
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