Direct recall questions ask you to exercise free recall, or to remember the answer without any prompting. Firecracker includes over 36,000 recall-style questions for the Firecracker MD/DO program alone.

The recall scoring system asks you to assign a rating between 1 and 5 (Likert scale) for your knowledge before looking at the answer to each question. Try to answer the questions in your head prior to peeking at their answers. Once you've answered the question in your head, hit the "Show Answer" button to reveal the answer. Then, score your recall honestly according to how well you were able to answer that question before you had looked at the answer. A 1 or 2 means you didn't know the answer very well at all. A 3 means you had to think hard about that question, or only knew about half of the answer. A 4 or 5 means you had no trouble with that question. Your recall ratings (1-5) will govern our spaced repetition recommendations, so you'll see the most frequent reviews of the questions you rate 1 and 2.

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