If your boards are in the next couple of months, then we'd recommend you activate Dedicated Test Prep Mode (you can toggle it off if it's not your jam). We've published a whole bunch of data on students' behavioral trends in Firecracker, and found some significant correlations to board performance. Here is our Dedicated Test Prep Mode data: http://blog.firecracker.me/students/predictive-validity-of-firecrackers-dedicated-test-prep-practice-blocks 

Start by reviewing and marking topics that are most relevant to you, including material that has proven historically difficult for you. Check out this guest-authored blog post from a very successful student who used Firecracker during dedicated study before Step 1 of the USMLE: http://blog.firecracker.me/2014/11/08/how-this-crunch-time-firecracker-scored-a-274-on-usmle-step-1/

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