Yes and yes! The Firecracker Daily Review app for iOS and Android is free, and it allows you to complete your recommended Today's To-Do's from your iPhone, iPad and/or Android smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. 

For best results, we recommend logging in for the first time any given day while you're connected to a working WiFi or Wireless Internet access point; once you've loaded your assignments for the day, you'll be able to work on them offline as well - even in Airplane Mode!

The mobile app is offline-accessible, and it's designed to synchronize automatically with your web-based performance and progress data. We update our apps pretty regularly, and we're working on ensuring feature parity to maximize the consistency of your experience between the web and mobile versions of Firecracker. You can also access our mobile-optimized website in a modern updated web browser (like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) on mobile devices.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly via the messaging function within our website, and/or via email at - we will keep you posted regarding any major developments on Firecracker's software!

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