Firecracker's institutional partners are eligible for a high-fidelity, deep alignment with their curricular materials and Firecracker's content. Curriculum mapping with an institutional partner entails identifying potential gaps and redundancies between the school's curriculum coverage and the board certification exams' standards.

With student-led course connecting, the Firecracker team is seeking to offer a more engaging and aligned experience for students to review our content in an appropriate organizational structure that symbiotically matches their course schedule. Students identify in which order they've covered our content in class, and for informative purposes, we provide topics' links to help with navigation and conceptualization of the hierarchical relationships within the content.

Student-led course connecting is our way of reorganizing our content to arrange with the order and timing of how students will encounter medical concepts and facts in their classes. We will never request, reproduce, monetize, or share curriculum materials from a medical school, and we will not be creating new content in direct response to student-led course connecting. Firecracker does not receive lecture slides or any curriculum materials from students; we offer citations for students to cross-reference Firecracker’s topics by relevant course names. Similarly, we offer citations to popular review resources including the newest versions of First Aid and Pathoma. Our role is to cite our content at the topic level to the classes that students are taking. Firecracker is not going to develop new content according to schools' learning objectives; we will only cite our content to lecture topic names that are part and parcel of the board certification exams' standards.

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