Regarding Adaptive Progress Exam Blocks: Our computer adaptive testing model provides unique questions to each Firecracker member, and is based on Item Response Theory: (Our latent trait is the understanding of a topic in USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1 based on measuring the user's response to Firecracker cases).

Each of your responses in your adaptive progress exam is plotted on the x-axis, and on the y-axis you can see how your performance (the orange line) compares to other Firecracker members who have taken the same questions. As you answer each question, Firecracker increases its accuracy in determining how proficient you are in each tested concept. As Firecracker's accuracy improves in estimating your knowledge across various concepts, you'll see the green and blue lines converge.

We will start your adaptive progress test with a question of about average difficulty, and your question difficulty will increase as you continue to get questions correct (or we'll serve up easier questions as you answer questions incorrectly). Your goal should be to have the orange line move up over time. We estimate question difficulty based on which percentage of Firecracker members get the question correct.

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