Here is an updated video tutorial demonstrating Firecracker's Dedicated Test Prep Mode: 

The Mastery Scorecard displays a student's strengths and weaknesses on a subject-by-subject level for all basic sciences and organ systems, and updates with each case-style question a student completes. The red (below average), yellow (near average), or green (above average) vertical line to the left of the subject name provides a quick indicator of how a student is performing on case-style questions compared to other Firecracker members in that area of content. 

Specifically, the black dot and its surrounding gray margin of error bar measure how well the student has done on case-style questions within Firecracker. The dot is our point estimate of your knowledge of a given subject. The width of the error bar is the 95% confidence interval of our estimate. As the student answers more case-style questions, the width of the error bar shrinks, and our point estimate of your knowledge adjusts to reflect our improved accuracy.

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